Need help to care and shine your shoes / boots ???

November 08, 2014 Shoe Shine Service Ltd Romi Topi

For a perfect shine please follow the steps below and you won't be disappointed.1. Remove all loose dirt off the shoes, using either a hard pig bristle brush and a damp cloth with our precious leather cleaner. 2. Remove the shoe laces! The lazy way or quick way to polish shoes is with laces in situ. But that way waxed-up, sticky laces lie, along with a discrepancy between the colour of the tip of the shoe and the tongue. 3. Pack out the shoes, with shoe trees if you have otherwise use our top of the range TopShine Cedar Shoe...

How to get a mirror shine on your shoes

July 13, 2014 Shoe Shine Service Ltd Romi Topi

Hi Guys   The main question i get asked very frequent is   " How do i get the high shine like mirror on my shoes "   Well there are some things that men should know how to do even if they can afford to pay someone else to do it for them – whether that's mending an item of clothing, simply sewing on a button or polishing their shoes to a mirror shine. The first two are important sartorial skills to have, but no-one is going to be judging you on them quite the way they'll notice your...

How to tie shoelace Windsor knot

July 05, 2014 Shoe Shine Service Ltd Romi Topi

It was said that the Duke of Windsor was taught to tie his shoe laces in this particular way by his grandmother Queen Alexandra to ensure he was never embarrassed by trailing laces. That’s a useful sartorial tip we could all use, royalty or not!

How To Clean Suede & Nubuck Shoes

June 21, 2014 Shoe Shine Service Ltd Romi Topi

How To Clean Suede & Nubuck Shoes

People never really did figure out why Elvis didn’t want anyone to step on his blue suede shoes but it’s probably because he knew how difficult they were to clean. Suede Shoes look sophisticated and are perfect for any occasion, from walking they get a stain, scuff, or even get them wet and those shoes don’t look as stylish. There’s no need to throw out those suede shoes when that happens. Despite what some people might say, it is possible to clean suede shoes.  This guide will help you find a way to keep suede shoes spotless. It’s best to explain...