How to shine shoes / boots ???

August 29, 2019 Shoe Shine Service Ltd Romi Topi

For a perfect shine please follow the steps below and you won't be disappointed.

1. Remove all loose dirt off the shoes, using either a hard pig bristle brush and a damp cloth with our precious leather cleaner.

2. Remove the shoe laces! The lazy way or quick way to polish shoes is with laces in situ. But that way waxed-up, sticky laces lie, along with a discrepancy between the colour of the tip of the shoe and the tongue.

3. Pack out the shoes, with shoe trees if you have, this allows the polish to get into the crease where the foot bends, the bit that, if allowed to become dry and brittle, is most prone to cracking. Wax is 'like a skin cream' and feeds this bit leather, making it more supple.

4. Apply Leather Dye even all over the leather soles with a wool dauber / sponge or ( Black shoes Only ) all over the shoe for a powerful and rich colour.

5. Apply TopShine leather cream rich in natural ingredient all over the shoe with a cloth, pay extra attention to the creases where the shoe is most likely to crack.
Leather cream will soften and keep the leather healthy and give it extra long life.

6. Apply our well balanced TopShine shoe polish to the shoe in even circular motions with the applicator brushes or with a cloth. Whichever you choose, be sparing. Too much polish and no amount of buffing will remove the bloom or smears. Pay particular to the areas around the toe and heel. And don't forget to apply polish to the heel itself and to the tongue. Excess polish can be removed from the eyelets or brogues designs using a toothpick.

7. Allow the leather to absorb the polish for a good 10-15 minutes. At this stage some purists like to glide a hot spoon over the surface to melt the wax for an even shinier, Army-standard shine, cotton wool Polish/ Water also do the trick after the Final buff.

8. Buff! This is where the softer TopShine horse hair brush and elbow grease come in.

9. Buff again! This time using a dry Microfibre towel or duster held taut between two hands and worked over the surface in a brisk sawing motion. It might be easier to do this while wearing the shoes.

10. If you are looking to be more adventures and add that extra bit of touch on your shoes then why not try to put some colourful shoe laces rather than those tired old ready to snap shoe laces.

By Romi Topi
Shoe Shine Service Ltd

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