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TopShine Premium Shoe Polish

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TopShine Premium Shoe Polish

Perfectly protection against wetness
Shoe Wax from TopShine combines the great care properties of palm wax cream and dubbin. The result is a care product, which boasts first-class care, cleaning, protection and impregnation characteristics. All in all, it is the ideal choice for Any leather footwear during inclement weather

We recommend a combination of shoe wax and TopShine cream. First, the palm wax cream will polish your footwear and ensures it looks great. Then the Burgol shoe wax will protect your outdoor shoes against wet and mud.

Shoe Wax for business and everyday shoes

Our Shoe Wax is not only suitable for outdoor shoes, but also for more formal footwear. It will save you from the using an ecologically harmful impregnation spray for example. With a combination of cream, and TopShine shoe wax you will protect your office and outdoor footwear, as well as your everyday shoes.

Fancy creams might look attractive, but they cannot compete withOur TopShine shoe polish wax in regards to protection and shine. 
Made from the best natural waxes to nourish, condition and support the original leather colour of shoes; it also helps waterproof your shoes.
This prestigious Shoe Polish has the right balance to give your shoes nourishment, protection and shine.
The polish comes in 50 ml aluminium tins and is available in 7 different colours - black, brown, natural, light tan, mid tan, dark tan and burgundy