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Saphir Médaille d'Or Mirror Gloss Polish

Saphir Medaille D'or mirror gloss black shoe polish


Saphir Médaille d'Or Mirror Gloss Polish is carefully formulated for a very high shine results on the hardest part of the shoe/boots ( toe cap & back heel ) only.

Different from our other normal shoe polishes , Mirror Gloss Polish is made of  combination of hard waxes in order to produce a high mirror gloss finish

This formulation of hard waxes is based on a mixture of montan, carnauba, and beeswax, perfectly balanced with natural turpentine solvent.

How to use

Take a old 100% cotton cloth add small amount of wax and apply in circular motion very gentle on the shoe/boot then small drop of cold water

( TIP- ice cube is better than just plain water allowing the wax layers cooling faster.

Please note: Shoes/boots should be cleaned and polished before using the mirror gloss wax for high shine.